The Campaign for Informed Campus Life

Don’t gamble with your future…Plan for it is a campaign to help you integrate many facets of student life, from academics to recreation to health, through learning about your rights, responsibilities, and resources at Washington University. Brought to you by the Office of Student Conduct, it’s a collaboration between multiple offices, including the Career Center, WUPD, Habif Health & Wellness Center, Office of Orientation, Residential Life, and Student Involvement and Leadership.

An Educational Campaign…with Great Prizes


We are currently developing a new campaign but you can still take the quiz Here

Why have a Campaign?

Students are responsible for knowing our policies, and, what’s more, when students apply for jobs, graduate programs, and even student leadership positions, they will often be required to report if they’ve been found in violation of the policies.

We understand reading policies can be dull. Trying to get to know WashU only by reading our policies would be like trying to teach yourself to drive by going to the courthouse and reading traffic law.

Because policies come from real-life situations, they’re a comprehensive snapshot of our whole community. They show how navigating today’s gray areas prepares you for future challenges of citizenship.

That’s where the campaign comes in: we focus on the most relevant policies that are least likely to come up in casual conversation.

Credits & special thanks
This campaign was developed as a result of a presentation at the 2006 ASCA annual conference about a judicial/honor code quiz and contest. The University of Denver’s Office of Citizenship and Community Standards shared their promotional quiz called “Know the Code,” and its follow-up, “Live the Code.” Thanks for their hard work and creativity!

For permission to use this material, please contact our office and provide appropriate attribution.