Academic Integrity at Washington University

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards works very closely with Academic Integrity Deans in each college as well as other administrators and entities in order promote and educate students about the standards and community expectations in our academic community. These expectations are expressed in our Academic Integrity Policy and promoted through our Academic Integrity resources.

All incoming students will be required to watch the video below via Blackboard. Students will receive an email with specific instructions to log in and view the video in mid-July.

Our Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy states:

  • Effective learning, teaching and research all depend upon the ability of members of the academic community to trust one another and to trust the integrity of work that is submitted in classes for academic credit or conducted in the wider arena of scholarly research. When such an atmosphere of mutual trust exists, the free exchange of ideas is fostered, and all members of the community are able to work to achieve their highest potential.
  • In all academic work, it is important that the ideas and contributions of others be appropriately acknowledged, and that work that is presented as original is in fact original.
  • Ensuring the honesty and fairness of the intellectual environment at Washington University is a responsibility that is shared by faculty, students, and administrative staff.

Independence from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

At WashU, violations of academic integrity are handled by the undergraduate colleges rather than by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Our office only adjudicates cases serious enough to warrant suspension or expulsion.

Each of the undergraduate colleges has an Academic Integrity Dean. For matters involving academic misconduct, including any questions you might have, please contact the appropriate Dean.

Academic Integrity Dean Contacts