Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct (OSC)! The primary charge of our office is to educate Washington University students about the university’s community principles and expectations of their conduct.

The OSC takes a proactive educational approach to all issues related to conduct. The OSC continually strives to improve students’ decision-making abilities. When students engage in conduct that violates the University Student Judicial Code, the OSC is responsible for adjudicating the complaint.

A major focus of the OSC is educating our new students regarding university community expectations. In addition to educating students regarding the university’s community principles and expectations, adjudicating alleged violations of the Code, and conducting a regular review of the Code, the OSC is responsible for all student record keeping, including issues of academic integrity.

At WUSTL, students use our resources to help themselves feel engaged with the community here, and maximize their opportunities while at WUSTL and after graduation. We hope that you will use the resources available here to further educate yourself about the Judicial Code, our judicial processes and the many great resources available to you.